Everything comes and goes

There are definitely moments where you’d love to beat the shit out of someone. Sure. People can be cruel, take advantage of young girls, you name it. But, my best tennis racket is the ability to use my words. Just have to be confident and remember to use them. Standing up for yourself, and putting someone in their place with wit is a truly admirable skill.

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Can I just say— it IS very important that Disney is redefining the concept of “True Love” (with Brave and Frozen), but I am still happy that Frozen did not completely remove or mock romance, because if we remove romance and couples’ love from our media/culture completely, I’m not sure that’s wise either. We’re already such a sexualized society and that’s all good and fine, but there are other aspects to a relationship too…

I do believe that True Love is different from Romantic Love, but I also heard somewhere that ‘romantic love’ only lasts six months; romantic love doesn’t last forever, true— but it doesn’t have to completely die either.  It only dies when you let it.  Also, it depends on your idea of what’s romantic or not.

/prude comment over

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I went into Frozen thinking I’d be obsessed with Anna because wow she’s adorable and I still LOVE HER LIKE NO ONE’S BUSINESS


How can you sit through Let It Go and NOT fall in love with Elsa and how FREE she just looks, like she’s gone through more of her life scared out of her mind and her face just lights up on that mountain wow.